The Path Of The Heart

It was a pleasure to work with Királyvári Meli és a Fiúk again, and that this beautiful song, Le Jilesko Drom (The Path Of The Heart) became my first mixing project in Pro Tools.


The layout is nice, the grouping is smart and the Beat Detective can be a big help. But some features were very surprising. First, I had problems with the language setup. I use a German keyboard with Hungarian input source, but the shortcuts only work when I switch to English. But this way I have no idea where the special characters are. Safe soloing doesn’t make sense to me (as I could see from the videos, everybody uses safe soloing, so it should be default, just like in any other DAW I have seen before). Muting clips, creating fades, exporting audio can be done faster/easier in Logic 9, too. Many things are yet to discover, though, so it’s possible I missed some options.

I have a little more time with the trial, but considering the price, I’m not running to buy it right now. Avid has a month to month offer, so it’s still possible to have it when I need it.

Until then, I already have a new objective: Ableton.

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